Hypnotherapy in Centurion

Hypnotherapy is the process where we use hypnosis
to change your reality so that you can be truly happy!


Does reality exist? To put it another way, is your reality the same as everyone else's? Each of us lives in our own reality. Let me explain with an example. Two teenagers, John and Philip walk the same route to school. Both of them pass a house guarded by Rover, a big bullmastiff dog. When people walk by, Rover barks and growls, but he is secured behind a sturdy fence. As a young child John was bitten by a dog and since then has cynophobia, a phobia about dogs. It's easy for Philip to walk past Rover's house, but when John has to walk past, he breaks out sweating, his heart pounds and his legs shake. John and Philip's reality is different.

Reality is the perception we have of the world we live in.

This perception has been formed since we were little, by our experiences and by what we learned from our parents and other authority figures. It is programs installed within us, to protect us and help us deal with our reality.

It is also these programs that cause us problems later in life when we experience situations or challenges when the truth differs a bit from our reality. The good news is that with hypnotherapy we can use hypnosis to change or uninstall these programs, so that John can realise, that Rower is dangerous, but he is secured behind a fence, so John can feel safe when walking past the house.

Your Reality

What is your reality? What are the programs preventing you from living life to the fullest?

When you are ready to change your reality, schedule a Free Phone Consultation, or complete the More Information Form and I'll send you more information on how hypnosis can help with specific programs. I look forward hearing from you.


In hypnotherapy we work with your thoughts, habits, behaviours, emotions and reactions.

My goal is to get you to your goal as quickly as possible by focussing on the automatic programs and patterns that we experience in everyday life, to change them to work in your favour instead of against you.

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